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Structuring a PIPE Transaction for Your Company
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Structuring a PIPE Transaction for Your Company
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Defining the Best Strucure for Your Company

PIPE transactions can be structured in many ways. Since you will be dealing directly with the investment managers of the fund, they can structure a PIPE transaction tailored to your needs.
In order to be able to recommend an optimal PIPE transaction structure for your company the fund's investment managers would like to know the following:
  • How much are you looking to raise?
  • In what time frame are you looking to raise it?
  • Are you looking to raise it all at once or want to draw it down over time?
  • What are the uses of the proceeds?
  • Do you have a preferred deal structure?

Once the funds managers understand  your company needs it will be able to structure and present a term sheet that is most beneficial to your company.

Please contact us to learn more about structuring a transaction.

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